Estate Walkabouts


Do you want to share your views and make your neighbourhood a better place to live? Join us!

Our estate walkabouts give you the opportunity for you to get involved and talk face-to-face with one of our team. If there’s something in your community you’re not happy about, they give you the opportunity to speak to us and get the changes you want made. The Walkabouts concentrate on things that concern everyone living in the area.  They look at issues such as anti-social behaviour, vandalism, graffiti, litter, fly tipping, abandoned vehicles, overgrown or neglected communal areas. 

If you want to bring forward suggestions or improvements and to raise concerns that you might have about your neighbourhood we would love to see you there.

To join us for one of our estate walkabouts please find us on facebook, view our events calendar, or contact your housing officer;

We carry out estate walkabouts so you can give us your feedback on important issues within your neighbourhood.

If you would like to join one,  tel: 01484 435715 for your local Neighbourhood Officer to print off a list and send it to you.