Repairs operative at property Your property is your home and as such you are responsible for looking after it including carrying out minor repairs and internal decoration.

As your landlord it is our responsibility to cover the wear and tear and ensure your home is structurally sound, safe, weathertight, and has hot water and heating.

We are also responsible for repairing:

  • electrical wiring, sockets and light fittings
  • plumbing
  • roofs, external walls, windows and doors
  • drains and gutters
  • interior walls, floors and ceilings
  • Fixtures and fittings such kitchen units and bathroom suites installed by us
  • external decoration
  • any areas you share with other residents such as stairways and entrance halls
  • Exceptions to the above are:
  • if a member of your household or visitor causes damage to any of the above
  • repairs due to serious neglect
  • blockages to toilets and sink wastes
  • issues caused by faulty appliances


In these instances we may have to charge you if we attend to these repairs.

As a resident you are responsible for:

  • your own belongings
  • light bulbs including fluorescent tubes and starters
  • glazing (unless damaged as result of recorded crime against you)
  • replacing lost keys and replacing locks
  • clearing blockages to waste pipes and toilets


It is also your responsibility to report all repairs as soon as is reasonably possible including any damage to your home or communal areas.

For more details and information about repairs please call Customer Services.


You can report a repair by calling Customer Services on 01484 435715, emailing us at, in person at the office or use the online form below for non-urgent repairs

Click here to report a non emergency repair