Mutual Exchange


If you want to move house a mutual exchange could be a fast and easy way to find a new home.

Mutual Exchange Programme 

One of the easiest ways you can move is to exchange your home with another tenant.  This could be with another Sadeh Lok tenant or one of another social landlord.

What is Mutual Exchange?  Home Swap

A mutual exchange is basically a home swap with another social housing tenant. People move for many reasons, maybe your current home is too large or too small. Or perhaps you want a change of scene.

You can swap homes with any council tenant or Housing Association tenant in the UK providing you and they have the right to mutual exchange and both parties wish to swap.

Swap locally or to another part of the country

The principle can work between any locations or even all in the same street!  You are not restricted to your current landlord; all social housing landlords are required to allow mutual exchanges. The key is to ensure that everyone has looked around the properties involved and is happy to move.

Swaps can involve more than one property

You can either home swap with one tenant, known as a direct exchange or you could try and find a multi way house exchange. There is no limit to how many people you can have in your home swap chain, however the more people in the home swap, the more complicated it can get and there is always the chance that someone in the chain could change their mind.

However, multi way mutual exchanges are becoming increasingly popular as they give you more ways of getting into the property you want. So don't just dismiss them because you think they are more troublesome!

Before you agree to a mutual exchange you should make sure that you read very carefully the tenancy agreement of the tenant you wish to exchange with, because you will be taking on the rights and responsibilities of their tenancy agreement. Their agreement may have different rights and responsibilities to the tenancy agreement you currently have with Sadeh Lok.  You should also inspect the property thoroughly to make sure you are happy with the condition.

You must get our written approval before you swap your home with someone else.*

Download and print the Application For Consent To Mutual Exchange 

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We will not normally refuse an exchange but we may do so if:

  • Legal action is being taken against either tenant for rent arrears or for any other breach of tenancy conditions
  • The exchange will result in one of the homes becoming overcrowded or substantially under-occupied. 


( *Please note that if you exchange properties and have not been given permission to move you run the risk of losing your tenancy and your home. )


Please contact our Customer Services team

or your Neighbourhood Officer on 01484 435715.



For more information, visit the homeswapper website.