Rent a Home From Us

When a vacancy occurs, staff will contact applicants from the waiting list who will then be visited to discuss the vacancy and confirm their housing need points. The property is offered to the applicant in greatest housing need or, where two applicants have the same number of points, to the applicant who has been on the waiting list for the longest time.

Review of Waiting List 

Each application is reviewed every year.  Applicants who do not respond to the review letter within one month will have their application withdrawn.

Nominations from Local Councils

Sadeh Lok has nomination agreements with Kirklees Council, Wakefield Council and Rotherham Borough Council.  As a result of this arrangement, the Association has agreed to accept nominations for 50% of its vacant properties.  In areas where Sadeh Lok may not have its own waiting list or the waiting list is very small, the percentage of nominations may be higher than 50%.  It is therefore advisable that applicants register an application with the local Council to increase their chances of re-housing.

It is usual for all new homes at the first time of being let to be let only to nominations from the local council.

To view our starter tenancy policy please click here:   Sadeh Lok Tenure & Starter Tenancy Policy 2018.pdf