Our performance - Sadeh Lok

Sadeh Lok is committed to and continually seeks to improve the services it delivers to our tenants and the wider communities 

Performance management is an integral part of how we deliver our services, it includes how we measure, monitor and improve our services we deliver to you. Some of the ways we do this are by:

  • having an effective governance (performance is scrutinised through our Boards and Committees)
  • understanding demand and focusing on meeting the needs of our tenants and other customers as well as ensuring we make a profit for purpose 
  • we deliver recommendations made by the Regulators, Audit Commission and the Community Trust Panel
  • we ask for your feedback 
  • giving our staff the right tools and support they need to carry out the best possible service


How are we doing?

To find out how we are performing please view our performance figures below:

Sadeh Lok - Performance April 2017 - March 2018

Group Board Performance - Incommunities - Sadeh Lok - April 2017 - May 2018 

Sadeh Lok Performance 21


Want to know more?

Our Pledge to you

Our pledges outline what you can expect when you become one of our tenants, the services you can expect during your tenancy and what happens if you leave us.

Sadeh Lok - Our pledges to you

Performance against the pledges is monitored by the Community Trust Panel our current performance against these is shown below:-

Sadeh Lok Standard Matrix 20-21

If you are interested in being involved in our Community Trust Panel as a resident or independent member or for more information please visit http://www.incommunities.co.uk/get-involved